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I am an International Ship Sale & Purchase Broker and Ship Newbuilding Contractor (visit my page: Sale & Purchase).
I also specialize in Project Cargoes including Dangerous Cargoes. Congratulations!!! For all your Worldwide Shipping Requirements you have come to the Right Place. For detailed Information about all my Global Activities please visit my Page "About US"
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                                   Greyhounds of the Seas
                 This site is dedicated to the memory of my                 Grandfather who was a Cape Hornier

Please note on behalf of Japanese Shipowners we are always looking for Investors to become Co-Owners in Ship Newbuildings, preferably the building of Chemical Tankers, LNG's (Liquified Natural Gas Carriers), LPG's (Liquified Petroleum Gas Carriers). For further details see our Page "About Us" and contact us via our Page "Contact Us".

                       Horst Mueller
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The Top 10 of Everything
The World's 10 Longest Rivers in the World
Name               Length in KM
1. Nile              6,693
2. Amazon       6,436
3. Yangtze       6,387
4. Huang-He    5,463
5. Ob-Irtysh     5,410
6. Amur            4,415
7. Lena             4,399
8. Congo          4,373
9. MacKenzie  4,241
10. Mekong      4,183